Juice Bottle Decorative Accessory Pack


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Decorate and organize your freshly made juices using VAS Juice Bottle Writable Label Tape, Markers & Stickers. 

No more guessing what juice blend is inside your glass bottles, or when it was made when you use Writable Labels on your glass juice bottles, keeping you organized!  Use a marker, labels & stickers to personalize and label all of your beverages. The labels leave no sticky residue on your bottles and stick to your glass bottles in the fridge and freezer!  The marker ink stay on the bottle and can easily be removed with warm soapy water.  Stickers stay on even after washed. 
You'll get:
  • 2 rolls of writable juice label tape
  • 3 glass bottle markers
  • 2 sheets of glass bottle stickers


Info & Care

Specs/Includes: 2 roll tape set in citrus & pineapple, 3 glass bottle markers, 2 sheets of stickers. 


Care:  Single use tape, will not stay on after washing or dishwasher. Easily remove after use.  Markers can be removed with warm soapy water.  Stickers stay on glass bottles when washed. 


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