Our Story & Brand Mission

Hi Juice Lover!


I created VAS Exclusive® to help you live a better life and also help protect the planet with reusable, eco-friendly options.  During our popular juice challenges @allaboutjuicing, I noticed that we didn't have the right kind of bottles and accessories to help you create & store your juices and smoothies.  I knew then that I could make a difference to make something specifically for this purpose. 

I also saw how so many of you used plastic bottles and straws, something that isn't great for your body or the planet.

Our bottles have a wide mouth for easy pouring and storing, and glass is the ideal beverage container - it's safe, durable, doesn't stain.  I hope you enjoy our line of juicing bottles and accessories to help you live the best life all while knowing you're helping the planet.  
Love & Juice,
VAS Exclusive by All About Juicing

VAS Exclusive® was created by author and blogger Vanessa Simkins.
She is the founder of AllAboutJuicing®.com and a cookbook author. Her books are 'The Juice Lover's Big Book of Juices: 425 recipes for super nutritious and crazy delicious juices' & 'Power Blender Revolution: More than 300 healthy & amazing recipes that unlock the potential of your Vitamix, Blendtec, Ninja or other high speed, high power blender ".
She is also the founder of Vanessa's Juice Club, a membership community where juicing daily is easy and fun.
Her newsletters, products and site reach over a quarter-million readers each month – a veritable army, inspired to juice for better health.  
A juicing trendsetter known for her inventive and tasty juice recipes, Vanessa has an undying thirst for connecting people back to what makes them healthy, one drink at a time.
At VAS Exclusive® & All About Juicing®, we seek to inspire, educate and encourage our fans to think about their health and lifestyle choices.
We believe the choices we make today impact our health and our planet.   By offering reusable juicing and smoothie bottles & accessories, our hope is that hey contribute to a better planet and healthier lifestyles by reducing waste for our planet and helping others live their best life.  VAS stands for Vanessa's initials.