Silicone Sleeve Care & Installation

VAS Exclusive Silicone Sleeves are made exclusively for your VAS Exclusive by All About Juicing glass bottles to protect and add style to your container.  You’ll love how they provide extra grip and cushion to safeguard your beverages whether you’re using them to store liquids or take them with you on-the-go. Note that they may fit other glass and stainless steel bottles in the 16 to 18 ounce size as a half sleeve or full sleeve.



Sleeve features

BPA free & food safe - Made of premium silicone - Drainage hole at the base - Prevents condensation slippage - Provides an anti-slip surface and impact protection - Special design provides a comfort grip to bottles - Easy to slide on and off by wetting the bottle - Dishwasher safe and stain resistant - Differentiate bottles for different purposes - Highly elastic and retains shape - Reduces heat transfer and wet rings on tables

    How to install and remove sleeves

    STEP 1: Wet the the silicone sleeve and bottle with plain water or warm soapy water.  This is best done over a sink.

    STEP 2: Slide the silicone sleeve onto the glass bottle.  

    REMOVAL: To remove the sleeves from the glass bottles, wet the bottle with the sleeve under running water, and carefully slide the sleeve off of the bottle.



    How to clean & care for sleeves

    • Sleeves are dishwasher friendly and safe to leave on your bottle.
    • If washing by hand, wash the sleeve with mild soap and water.
    • Use a baking soda + water paste to remove stains
    • For deep cleaning or sanitizing, sleeves can be boiled in water for a few minutes
    • Don’t place the sleeves near heat sources or put them in the microwave