Neoprene Sleeve Care & Use

VAS Exclusive Neoprene Bottle Sleeves are made exclusively for your VAS Exclusive glass bottles to protect and add style to your container.  You’ll love how they provide extra grip, cushion, insulate and absorb condensation to safeguard your beverages whether you’re using them to store liquids in the refrigerator or taking them with you on-the-go.

Sleeve features and use

Made of premium neoprene and nylon - Double stitched design with a finger strap - Insulates hot & cool beverages - Absorbs condensation & repels water - Provides an anti-slip surface with impact protection - Special design provides a comfort grip to bottles - Soft, stretchy material is easy to slide on and off - Machine or hand washable - Reduces wet rings on tables - Differentiate bottles for different purposes - Fits many glass, stainless steel and plastic bottles

    Care & installation

    WASH: Sleeves are machine washable in cold water.  They keep best when gently washed by hand in the sink.
    INSTALL & USE: To install the sleeve onto the bottle, insert the bottle into the sleeve and it’s ready to go.

    Additional uses

    DRINK & MEAL PREP ORGANIZATION: Make your infused water, juice, tea, cold brew coffee, kombuchas or smoothies ahead of time and use the colors for easy identification.

    PERFECT FOR CRAFTS AND PERSONALIZING:  Can be used for personalization in heat transfer, screen print or other decoration. Add your name, initials or other embellishment to make it unique. (pics somewhere here)

    GOOD CHOICE FOR KIDS LUNCH BOXES:  The cushy, insulating neoprene will keep beverages safe in glass containers.

    IDEAL FOR EVENTS & ACTIVE LIFESTYLES:  Sporting events, camping trips, hiking, RV trips, tailgates, pool parties, BBQs, beach trips, road trips and more.  Use a carabiner to hook the sleeve to your belt loop or backpack.