Juice & Smoothie Prepping

How to Juice and Smoothie Prep

If you find it a hassle to make your juice each day, you're not alone.  Do what a lot of people do - juice prep!  It's just like meal prepping and the concept is the same.  If you have it ready to-go for you, it makes life easier.  Here's how to do it.



Pick your favorite recipe.  Double, triple or quadruple it based on how many juices you want to have ready-to-go ahead of time.  Then, make your juice. 


Ready for the fridge. 
Get your juice bottles ready - pour the juice to the top of the jar so it creates a “seal” when you cap it. This will keep it from oxidizing. 
Keep it in the fridge for up to 24 hours if you have a centrifuge type juicer, 36-72 if you have a masticating.
If it turns brown it means it is oxidized and you'll want to toss it.  Every juicer is different so you'll want to experiment and see how long your juice will last you.  Ultimately, keeping it chilled and airtight will help keep it longer.
Ready for the freezer. 
You can also freeze your juices and thaw them out the day of or overnight before you want to drink them. If you’re freezing in our glass bottles, don't pour the juice to the top.  Leave a 2 inch space at the top and don’t cap it. This is important because frozen liquid expands so it needs room to expand safely. I you don't do this, any type of container will explode. 
After it’s frozen you can then cap it if you’d like. The juices usually take 2-3 hours to thaw out on the counter.  If it's very frozen, it could take 8+.