Original Series Extra Large Glass Bottles w/ White Lids, 32 oz


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Beet & Grapefruit Juice in 32oz VAS Exclusive Glass Bottles
Making & Storing Almond Milk in 32oz VAS Exclusive Glass Bottles
Cashew Oat Milk from Lindsey Eats

Our Original Series bottle now comes in a 32oz size! With a wide mouth for easy pouring liquids from the juicer into the glass, to a bottle with thick, shatter-proof glass, and a leak-proof lid for air-tight liquid storage, versatile storage that's freezer and fridge safe. The ultimate beverage bottle for busy juicers who want the 'right' no-fuss bottle. These reusable glass beverage bottles come in a 4-pack set with white BPA-free lids with both a paper & silicone liner.  

4-PACK SET OF GLASS BOTTLES  you'll get 4 Original Series, 32 ounce glass bottles with white lids; paper & silicone liners in this set

KEEP IT FRESH WITH NO LEAKS  make and store your healthy homemade nut milks, pineapple tea, herbal-infused electrolyte drinks, homebrews and collagen water in these air-tight, silicone lined lid, leakproof bottles. Take your filtered water to the office, or when traveling.

WIDE MOUTH WINS EVERY TIME  perfect for filling with ice, making fruit & herb-infused waters & adding smoothies from the blender & juices from the juicer, without spills; a pure natural drinking experience & super-easy to clean

HIGH QUALITY & DISHWASHER SAFE  no bottle brush needed.  These bottles are made with high-quality, thick glass in manufacturing facilities that have supreme standards throughout.

FOOD & BEVERAGE PREP - plan your meals for the week and keep them fresh in these large capacity bottles. Make large batches of soup, salads, or simply fill them with chopped veggies and cut-up fruits. The space-saving features of these bottles allow for greater food storage that takes up minimal space in your refrigerator.

PANTRY ORGANIZATION - clean up your pantry. Busy packaging can make your kitchen cluttered. Choose clear same sized food storage containers to keep it looking cohesive and organized. The VAS Exclusive 32 ounce bottles provide air-tight storage for your dry foods and the tall slim characteristics of these bottles offers a space-saving design, and the clear aesthetic helps you find your food quickly.

EXTRA-THICK ECO-FRIENDLY BOTTLES  our glass is clear, & you’ll be green; our water bottles set is recyclable, reusable & durable, so you can ditch the plastic to feel fantastic

CHEMICAL-FREE PURITY without toxins, lead or BPAs in our water bottles, you know what you’re drinking; unlike plastic, where harmful contaminants can seep into the contents.

SUPER VERSATILE JARS - King-sized capacity is ideal for all wellness drinks, coffees & teas, herbal syrups, probiotic kefir, soups, salads, cut-up veggies & fruits, bone broths and liquors. May also be used for pickling, preserving, spices, dressings, favors, honey, crafts.

PERFECT FOR MILKS - Perfect for breastmilk.  Ideal for plant based milks made from oats, soy, cashew, rice, almond, macademia and seeds.  Also great for cow and goat milks.

Beet & Grapefruit Juice in 32oz VAS Exclusive Glass Bottles
Making & Storing Almond Milk in 32oz VAS Exclusive Glass Bottles
Cashew Oat Milk from Lindsey Eats