The Perfect Juicy Bundle 🔥


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juicing bottles kit

The Perfect Juicy Bundle is all you need to make juicing fun and easy. 


This set includes our most popular & loved juicing essentials.  If you're not sure which bundle to get - this is the one!


At VAS Exclusive, we know how exciting it is to make juices, smoothies & other freshly prepared beverages.  This juicy bundle is packaged in a giftable box, and inside, you'll find all the essentials needed to get juicing!  Grab your juicer and the produce listed in the enclosed recipe-packed booklet, and this bundle will take care of the rest.


  • Easily pour, store and sip your homemade beverages made with the included recipes.
  • Mix and match colored protective sleeves & straws to organize and personalize your drinks. 
  • Straw lids turn your glass bottles into a tumbler, making it easy to drink and spill-resistant when on-the-go.
  • Enjoy sipping boba & thick juices as well as infused waters with the set of reusable silicone straws in 3 thicknesses. 
  • Made several batches of juice today?  Label each bottle with ease using the writeable juice label tape. 
  • Know what else you’ll love about this set?  It’s completely eco-friendly, reusable, and toxin-free which is good for your body and great for the environment


      The Perfect Juicy Bundle includes:


      • 6-pack set of Original Series Glass Bottles, 16 oz; white lids with foam liner
      • 6-pack set of silicone protective sleeves, your choice of color 
      • Set of 6 silicone straws in 3 size widths, colors coordinate with sleeves
      • Set of 3 white silicone straw lids + light grey straws for turning your bottles into a tumbler
      • 3 juice label tapes to label your beverages
      • 2 sticker sheets to personalize & decorate your bottles
      • The Juicy Guide: A full-color recipe booklet containing our most popular step-by-step recipes & tips for making juices and smoothies that will help you detox, cleanse and feel your best! by Vanessa Simkins


      Info & Care



      Material & Specs: 


      Glass Bottles: Thick & clear glass with no-rust plastic lid, foam liner.  Holds 16 ounces / 500ml of liquid. Bottle measures 6.75 inches high ; 2.5 inches wide, 6 pack set

      Sleeves: Food grade silicone rubber, fits 16 oz bottles. Stretchy 9.5-inch circumference; measures 5 inches high. 6 pack set


      Straw Lids & Straws: Food grade silicone rubber, 3 straw lids & 3 sizes of straws for water, juice, boba, smoothies



      Care:  Bottles, sleeves, lids & straws are dishwasher safe.  Can also be washed by hand with soap and water.  Silicone Sleeves: Once sleeves are on the bottle, there is no need to remove it- simply leave it on when cleaning.  If you need to disinfect or remove stains, gently place the sleeve in boiling water. 


      Sleeves Installation & Removal : To put on or remove the sleeve, use a little soapy water on the sleeve & the glass to easily slip it off or on

      juicing bottles kit